Let’s Learn ES6!

February 3rd, 2016

At the start of the year, I started a little web series called Let’s Learn ES6!.



The goal of Let’s Learn ES6 is to make learning the new features fun and accessible. ES6, or ES2015/ECMAScript2015 was approved in June 2015 and browser support for it is really coming along. As of writing this (Feb 2016) Chrome 50 has 91% support for ES6, even Edge 13 has 83% support!!

In this video series I want to break down the features in nice little chunks. Each week,on Wednesday, we will explore a new features. Hopefully making learning the new features fun and accessible.

At some point we will run out of ES6 features to take a look at, so ultimately I want Let’s Learn to be a broader series on learning new tech with the idea of small focuses lessons in mind!

You can find all the videos HERE! Hopefully you enjoy them!

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