Testing on devices locally using mamp

October 25th, 2013

Here is a little tip I just picked up. You can test your responsive builds on actual devices using MAMP. This is new to me, and hopefully new to you!

To get this going all you need to do is install MAMP and start it up, I will not go into installing MAMP, because pretty much you just click a few things and you are up and running. My set up is just the regular MAMP, no need to go pro. From the Preferences menu select the Apache tab and point the document root towards your project.

Normally you would now just open a browser and go to localhost:8888 and be up and running with your project. But in order to get to this site from your device there is one extra step. You will need to find your IP address, on a Mac just go to the networks panel in the OS System Pretences and it should be just under the status of your connection on the first screen. With that information in hand all you have do is navigate to (where the ip matches your own) on your devices and that is it! You should be up and running.