Setting up SSL on Digital Ocean with Node and Nginx

July 14th, 2015 No Comments

Setting up SSL seems like a daunting task, after watching Emily Stark’s talk at jQuerySF about TLS and SSL I decided it was time to get to it, I want to show you a simple method to set up ssl on Digital Ocean with Nginx and using a Node app. We will use sslmate to make this simple and easy!
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Deploying a Node app on Digital Ocean using Nginx.

July 4th, 2015 4 Comments


This post will show you how to deploy to Digital Ocean, if you need to sign up click the link there! First things first, select an image to use, I have been using Ubuntu and I find it nice and easy to use, so this post will be focused around that system.

Once you get an image selected you will now need to login to it. You will get an email with the IP and the password for the server. You need to use shh to login to this server. This is not as hard as it sounds. In your terminal:

    ssh root@ipaddress_here

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ES6/ES2015 Easy Wins

June 24th, 2015 3 Comments


The newest iteration of the Javascript language is just around the corner. As of June 2015 the spec for ES6/ES2015 has been approved. Because of that there will be a lot of new features and syntax coming to a browser near you!

Lets break down some of the Easy Wins from the new version. When I say Easy Wins I mean things that do not require a large amount of research to start working with. For example we will not be talking about Generators or Spread Operators, I think those require a more in depth post.

Some of the things thing we will go over are:

  • let
  • const
  • Template Strings
  • Classes
  • Arrow Functions
  • Promises

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Using Ember CLI and working with Ember Data fixtures

April 29th, 2015 17 Comments

Ember CLI is pretty much the defacto way to work with Ember these days. It makes creating new elements of an application extremely easy. Lately I have been working on using Ember Data so I wanted to do a little write-up on how to use Ember Data fixtures. Fixtures are a great way to start working on your application before you have an API to work with. It is also a great way to determine what your API’s data should look like.
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Working with Ember Data, Node, Express and MongoDB

April 16th, 2015 51 Comments


This article was written in April 2015. This would have been Ember Data v1. If you are using Ember Data v2 some of the API might have changed, this article does not reflect those changes!

I have really been enjoying working with EmberJS lately, once you get over the learning curve and understand how things should relate, it becomes really fast and fun!

Lets take a look at how we can use Ember Data with Node (or io.js),Express and MongoDB. For this example lets use the Ember CLI to start an Ember application fast!
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